ArcanusMC [Semi-vanilla] {Towny} {GeoPolitics} {Semi-anarchy} {UniqueEconomy}

2021.09.22 16:18 Zasdd ArcanusMC [Semi-vanilla] {Towny} {GeoPolitics} {Semi-anarchy} {UniqueEconomy}

Hey Everyone, we'd like to present an original server idea!
We have a beautiful custom map with breathtaking terrain, overlayed with towny and a PVP/conquering system. Minimal rules too, so do whatever you like.
There are hidden ruins around the world, strong but balanced custom items, special mobs and so on, so plenty to do outside of PVP and war!
Interestingly, there is no TP or /shop on this server, and certain items can only be found in certain 'zones'. This promotes really cool trade, where a nation living in the desert may export gold they mined to people living in the grasslands in exchange for food! Make a town in a special area and become the primary exporter of a certain item to the rest of the server! Use your wealth to bribe other towns to go to war for you.
Here's a video for you:
Come and join us today! We're friendly staff and almost never ban, and we are happy to take on any feedback/suggestions the community has. :)
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2021.09.22 16:18 Shadowslip99 DO NOT INSTALL THE UPDATE.

It wipes your save game! I'm on PS5 and it has disappeared from the console.
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2021.09.22 16:18 Gyrow_ It's my cakeday

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2021.09.22 16:18 cartmanbruhlolo Missing person: Youliang Lin, Then aged 84, Missing since September 15th, 2017

Original URL:
Circumstances: Youliang LIN, age 84, was last seen about 8am on Friday 15th of September 2017, when he left his home on Cooper Court, Castle Hill. There are serious concerns for the safety and welfare of Mr LIN as he suffers dementia and does not speak English. Mr LIN is described as being of Asian appearance, about 175cm tall, with a slim build. He has short grey hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a black jumper and black long pants. Mr LIN has not been seen or heard from since. Police and his family hold serious concerns for his safety and welfare.
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2021.09.22 16:18 mornarig8 Wearable Health Solutions Inc. $WHSI Expands into the Brazilian Market @frontpagestocks

Wearable Health Solutions Inc. ("WHSI", or the "Company") (OTC PINK:WHSI). (, WHSI today announced that it is in talks with a Brazilian syndicates to form partnerships to develop a distribution network for its "iHelp" technology, products and related services in Brazil.
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2021.09.22 16:18 u-copycat Introducing Noteture

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2021.09.22 16:18 gkanor Temesváron elkezdik korlátozni az esti kijárást a járvány miatt

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2021.09.22 16:18 White_Plastic_Cup I Just Got My Motorcycle Lincense!

Im just so happy now, ask me anything if you feel like
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2021.09.22 16:18 GamingAmateur5695 Continuation: Road to Iron3...with memes

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2021.09.22 16:18 HaXxXoVtotheZ New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.09.22 16:18 DrBlobfishe I plan to sell it at auction if someone wants

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2021.09.22 16:18 u-copycat Jaeger vs Prometheus - Key differences, use-cases and alternatives

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2021.09.22 16:18 HailForceBarioth 🔵DIGIMON: Infinite Evolution ❬❬ Our Zero Two After Story ❭❭🟠

Digimon: Infinite Evolution is a roleplay forum community of classic Digimon fans; those who enjoyed the original Adventure that aired in 1999, Zero Two, Tamers, and Frontier. Although we allow characters and their Digimon from other seasons to crossover into our site's roleplay, we still put an emphasis on Digimon seasons from the 2000s. Especially Zero Two, since the roleplay takes place shortly after MaloMyotismon's downfall. Here at Infinite Evolution, the epilogue didn't happen, and we are developing the Adventure cast in our own way. Help us stop the latest calamity affecting both the Real and Digital World!
By joining us, players get to...
Be a part of a thrilling story with other tamers and DigiDestined, where we build upon arcs as the story progresses ❭❭
Meet passionate fans of the Digimon franchise who are friendly and communicative ❭❭
Customize their avatar and posts for a more tailored experience ❭❭
Explore our map of the Real and Digital World which consists of locations from the anime ❭❭
Receive badges representing the tamers and Digimon they play as. And by playing as one of the DigiDestined, they'll get their Crest ❭❭
And more!
The Digital Gate has opened. Join the adventure today by clicking the link below.
❭❭ ❬❬
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2021.09.22 16:18 PlatypusHunter00102 It’s spreading

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2021.09.22 16:18 Shoeman2001 Which shoes are theese? Have Also seen them in black

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2021.09.22 16:18 No_Calligrapher8887 Poo troll

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2021.09.22 16:18 Fish3r1997 languages to learn after being competent in C#

i now have 2 years worth of experience in C# in the industry.
im just looking at advice on what languages i should look at doing next so that i can help my career progress.
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2021.09.22 16:18 u-copycat Comunidade Tech e Sensação de Pertencimento

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2021.09.22 16:18 Pookah72 A couple of Green Herons I saw in Pensacola, FL

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2021.09.22 16:18 FerretStereo Crimson Scales classes, 'backup / restore' feature, and FH icons added to Gloomhaven Companion app

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2021.09.22 16:18 MN_Rural I'm speaking at the Migration Policy Institute Europe's Virtual Conference on October 4-5. I'm part of a panel discussion on Day #2 talking about immigration into rural communities.

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2021.09.22 16:18 zee_zee_ Not to be ableist but...

Why did they revive Helen Keller for the sole purpose of building kokomi's kit. Because ain't no one with function eyes or ears could have come up with that kit.
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2021.09.22 16:18 Sadd0Catt0 New bug? Help pls

So after getting the latest update I notice an issue when playing MP. It won’t register whenever I try to move my view from side to side. I can walk and run, but when trying to strafe or just turn around, I get huge amounts of resistance. Not only that it’ll go in it’s own direction and ghost touch a lot. This hasn’t happened until the new update. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and nothing. I checked to see if it was my phone and it worked fine on other apps. Meaning it’s the codm app itself. If anyone knows how to fix pls help. (On phone)
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2021.09.22 16:18 TheSinnohKid P

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2021.09.22 16:18 u-copycat Watch me build a product and launch in 30 days with just HTML and CSS

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