Monika's birthday! My version

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2021.09.22 17:28 Mroppro Monika's birthday! My version

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2021.09.22 17:28 Sunlitstream264 I’m in boys

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2021.09.22 17:28 Level_Lavishness2613 Catastrophizing

Need to stop. My life for the past fee months have been nothing because I sat down and think of all the bad in the world and think it would happen.
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2021.09.22 17:28 dikkiesmalls Taco bearing...Wednesday? Installing some taco bearings on my elementum with flytanium scales.

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2021.09.22 17:28 MrsLuna44 Metronidazole 125mg

Has anyone ever use this medicine and 125mg of it on their cat for diarrhea? I don't know much about the medicine and trying to get info on it before giving it. Our car is small and doesn't way that much. It just seems like a large dose and they gave it with pre-filled white liquid. She said not to refrigerate so it has been at room temp. Is this med safe?
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2021.09.22 17:28 Curulian Question about courses MAT137 and MAT135 & 6 and switching, and summer courses in 2022

Pretty much, I have finished the first unit of MAT137, and I don't think I can keep up with the workload because I don't have enough time to study and review. The only reason I took MAT137 was for computer science, but I have heard bad things about the U of T computer science program, and I'm not sure if I still want a career in it anyway. I just want to get through first year with decent enough marks that won't hinder me in the future, and then rethink everything after that. So, I have the following questions:

  1. Is MAT135/6 more, less, or similar in terms of workload to understand material and get decent marks on assessments. I don't have infinite time to work on one single class and understand the complex MAT137 material, and it seems I will need that to get decent marks in the class.
  2. Is MAT135/6 comparable to high school calculus? How much more difficult did you find it in comparison?
  3. Is it even worth switching from MAT137 to MAT135/6 this point with how much I will need to catch up? Will I get any zeros? Can I still finish MAT135/6 with a decent mark?
  4. Can I just drop a course (like MAT137 or 223) and just take it in the summer instead? Is that plausible and or a good idea?
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2021.09.22 17:28 miguelfgmachado Porque VOCÊ tá ASSISTINDO XVIDEOS no meu CELULAR ?

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2021.09.22 17:28 DropSoloDieLeave_ I got bored in class. Gess the song and you'll get $700 imaginary dollars

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2021.09.22 17:28 moshvac Hmmm

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2021.09.22 17:28 s2cipat10yarra7 beyler düşünsenize

beyler düşünsenize amına koyim atınız var işe okula giderken giyiniyonusun zırhı alıyosun kılıcı yayı iniyosun atını seviyon hadi kızım gitme vakti diyon arkadan agalara sesleniyon gidiyoz diye ufff yolda gidiyoz düşünsene lan dıgıdıkdıgıdk yolda mülteci görünce metehan gibi okunla işaretliyon adamı arkadaşların hemen ok atıyor falan kılıcı havaya kaldırıp burda dinleniyoz beyler diyon sonra iş yerindeki işleri yapıyon çıkışta dıgıdıkdıgıdk bara gidiyon atını park ediyosun kımız içiyosun dönüş yolunda kız tavlamaya çalışıyosun 10 kişi kızla konuşmaya çalışıyor akşama eve geliyosun kurultayda gün değerlendirmesi yapıyosunuz ok ve kılıç talimi sonrasında yatıyosunuz ufffff ananı sikiyim keşke atım olsa
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2021.09.22 17:28 deadzin0 Program that helps with the stuttering (?) ISLC

This tool, developed by the same person that makes Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), called Intelligent standby list cleaner (ISLC) is supposed to solve stuttering caused by the RAM management in Windows 10 (creator update and higher).
I've seen this program being used by many people, does anyone know if it triggers a VAC BAN for real? It is allowed on faceit, therefore I'm not sure if you can get VAC for it.
Any info would be very appreciated!
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2021.09.22 17:28 AkoNamanAngTulisan How can I improve my Red Bull car setup?

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2021.09.22 17:28 Nistrity Art By: Ekita玄 ( | Render By: Render Land ( | Edit by me Nistrity

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2021.09.22 17:28 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 17:28 Powerful_Bother1089 😂😂

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2021.09.22 17:28 GrumpyK1tt3n HELP ME CHOOSE

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2021.09.22 17:28 Under___Construction Ha Caught you lurking in 4k

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2021.09.22 17:28 Grizzack Thinking about getting the Ork Kommandos and I have some questions about rules and how they play compared to compendium teams.

Hello everyone! So a friend of mine recently bought the octarius box and doesn't want the orc models so he's offering to sell them to me for a great price. I think the models are awesome, but I'm quite unsure about how they play compared to compendium kill teams.
I have a PDF of the rules that I've read through, and for the most part it seems pretty straightforward and similar to the compendium teams. The thing that confuses me, if you're reading the rules of the team, is what comes after the normal equipment.
Things like rare equipment, assets, requisitions,etc. Are those rules specifically for narrative campaigns? Or do you use them in matched play as well? I'm assuming it's for narrative campaign but I just want to clarify.
Also, I know these are a lot of questions, how do they feel to play? Do they feel well balanced compared to other teams? Most of the teams that I have already played and picked up all feel pretty well balanced with each other so I just want to make sure before I spend money. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback and information!
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2021.09.22 17:28 nordjorts [FRESH] Orlando Weeks - Look Who's Talking Now

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2021.09.22 17:28 RegExrBot Rock Candy: Masters Of The Universe, Evil-Lyn (Specialty Series) Exclusive now available at POPnBeards

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2021.09.22 17:28 Subject-Criticism121 EB2 vs EB3

Is there a difference between the pace of I485 processing for EB2 and EB3?
There are less people in EB2 as of now. So, is that line moving faster than EB3 i485's?
The processing time on USCIS just puts both under Employment based; according to this, they're both on the same line.
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2021.09.22 17:28 dehydratedrat Are Bs in APs Bad?

I have a low B in AP Stat and a high B in AP Macro. Are those bad? Should I worry about colleges seeing those?
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2021.09.22 17:28 toe_sniffer69 What are some mysterious things to write on your will?

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