realizing i have no friends irl lowkey sucks. i’m so nice :’)

2021.09.22 15:45 0ndrayaa realizing i have no friends irl lowkey sucks. i’m so nice :’)

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2021.09.22 15:45 johnrock001 What are Manga and Anime?

What are Manga and Anime? -
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2021.09.22 15:45 _Flake_ In response to Speci's tier list, I made one of my own.

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2021.09.22 15:45 hgsd5 I'm looking at getting the DT 990 Pro headphones for mainly gaming, is there anything else I'll need to go along with it to get the good sound quality everyone talks about with them?

Any other equipment I need to get the most out of them? Thanks.
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2021.09.22 15:45 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 15:45 Artistic_Technician Origins of Ollanius Pious

Anyone have a good reference as to when and where Olllanius Pious was born. He has references to fighting at Austerlitz and Verdun making him probably a French national in the last 200 years. Does anyone have any other references to earlier life?
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2021.09.22 15:45 Mantertain Beautiful Swan in Tampere

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2021.09.22 15:45 spoonyspadina show me the way to go home

Show me the way to go I'm tired and I wanna go to bed I had a little drink About an hour ago And it's gone straight To my head Where ever I may roam On land or sea or form You can always hear me Singing a song Show me the way to go home
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2021.09.22 15:45 LolitabunnyOF Hot or nah? [F22]

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2021.09.22 15:45 cikso91 Mara sov lieutenant

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2021.09.22 15:45 bukithd With WIND decks gaining power over the next few months, Poisonous Winds is becoming a strong side deck option.

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2021.09.22 15:45 RUA_bug_Bill_Murray G.I. Joe Rewind: ARAH Marvel #33 + Yearbook #1, Mar 1985

Welcome to my G.I. Joe Rewind, where I’m going back to re-read the original G.I. Joe comics and hopefully spark some discussion on them.
Link to previous Rewinds: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31 #32
Cover Thoughts: Now this is cool. Like issue #31, I know something major is coming this issue. Cover alone makes me want to check this one out.
Title: Celebration!!!
Synopsis: The assassination of Cobra Commander reveals his family, and the Pit grand re-opening brings changes to the Joe team.
Page 1: I like how they don't retcon Duke into being an original Joe and being present at the first Pit. I hate when they (comics, tv shows, movie franchises, etc.) do that kind of thing, so glad they go out of there way to reference Duke not being there.
Page 2: Since they recently have started showing us Snake-Eyes out of uniform, odd that they have him in the infirmary in his full uniform, Airborne isn’t in his full uniform, but probably no clever way to cover his face though. Also how does the Soft Master know the secret location of the Pit? Maybe he just dropped them back in the general vicinity, but also I guess figuring out secret locations would be a special ninja skill he could have.
Page 4: Fred’s wife explaining what’s going on with the Fred switch. Wouldn’t it be easier for Cobra just to move a new family in? Though I guess Cobra Commander has never been known to be logical.
Page 5-6: Why is the Baroness mad at Destro? They were ready to rule Cobra together, then went off to the swamp, where Destro got left for dead. Is she mad he didn’t call or something?
Page 7: I like how Spirit seems open to working for the other side if they're actually the higher power. Just humanizes him a little to me, not the rah-rah I bleed red-white-and-blue no matter what kind of guy you'd expect from the Joe team.
Page 8: Roadblock looks like an absolute giant on this page. Clutch's pigheaded ways never fail to amuse me, also appears cleanly shaven (for the first time ever?), probably cleaned himself up for the Pit grand re-opening.
Page 10: First appearance of Candy (as Bongo). Didn’t notice on last page, but Mrs. Fred is in the backseat, seems like the odd place for the mother in a family of 4 to sit. Must have been in a hurry getting out of the parking lot, or Fred 2 is a chauvinist pig.
Page 13-14: That’s got to be the strongest hood ornament ever.
Page 15: Cobra Commander in his helmet instead of his hood (as depicted on the cover). All issue he’s in his helmet when he’s just in Springfield, so you’d think that would be the safest place to wear his hood all day.
Page 17: The big reveal that Billy is Cobra Commander’s son. Leads to so many more questions than answers though. How did Destro know this (especially when neither Billy or Cobra Commander noticed)? Did Baroness (whose been with Cobra much longer) not know or simply not care? So who was Billy’s fathefamily he’s been talking so much about since he was introduced? Patricide of all things is where Destro draws the line? If Destro’s own father stood in his way, you think he’d hesitate to take him out?
Page 18: Roadblock towering over Gung Ho.
Page 20: Hawk, Clutch, Steeler, and Grand Slam are not mentioned. Hawk I can understand since he’s a leader, but does that mean Clutch, Steeler, amd Grand Slam aren’t original Joes? At least all of us Grand Slam fans can sleep well at night knowing he’ll still be an active part of the team. Back on Page 1, I appreciated them not retconning Duke as an OG member, but they lose all that credit here.
Page 21: So is Hawk not aware of how Duke blew all of his last few missions? Maybe Duke blamed it all on somebody else? Maybe that’s why guys like Grunt, Rock ‘n Roll, and Breaker are all being taken out of the field, Duke blamed them?
Page 22: Bongo being a girl is like a Metroid-style reveal here.
Postbox: First time someone has brought up the G.I. Joe cartoon in the letters (I believe the Revenge of Cobra mini-series had just recently aired, but surprised nobody mentioned it after the MASS device aired a year earlier.
Overall Thoughts – Main Issue: Another issue I really enjoyed, not a lot of action, but there’s definitely some interesting story lines going on. The failed assassination, Cobra Commander has a son, Joes are being replaced, Bongo is a girl, the ongoing questions about Storm Shadow’s uncle’s murderer. This was a great issue to keep me interested, so many good/shocking story line reveals, has a soap opera feel to it.
Yearbook Cover
Yearbook Cover Thoughts: Reminds me of the team shot at the end of the intro to the cartoon, or on the carrying case or catalog. I like that the art is super clear (unlike say issue #4 that featured a lot of Joes, but you can make out only a few of them. First appearance of the Vamp Mark II and first cover for several Joes.
Pages 1-29 Reprint of first issue’s main story, nothing we haven’t read before.
Pages 30-42 Recap of many Joe/Cobra storylines, reprinting panels from various comics. Maybe it’s just the copy I’m looking at, but on page 33 Scar-face’s name is missing the “Scar” part of it in the reprinted 1st panel from issue #13, and Snake-Eyes/Kwinn/Venom escape on page 35 looks like it’s in the daytime. In their recaps on issue #19, it makes it seem like Cobra’s plan was successful to infect the Joes, which led to Cobra discovering the Pit. Says the Dreadnocks are from Australia (according to the file cards only Ripper and Torch are from Australia). No mention of Snake-Eyes backstory, and no mention of Storm Shadow at all.
Page 43: Reprint of the Pit profile from issue #1 instead of the Pit II’s layout from issue #22.
Page 44-55: “Profiles” on the Joes. Doesn’t cover all the Joes released, but has a mix from all the years. Mostly file photos with a couple of full page action shots, but the profile for all seems to be just the first paragraph from the file card, which is a shame because it’s the 2nd paragraph on the file card that usually contains a cool quote about the character. Also interesting that there’s profiles for Thunder and Scrap-Iron even though they’ve yet to debut in the comic. Copperhead is included here too, so he did technically make it into the Marvel run. And Recondo is given a white mustache making him look like an old man.
Page 56-62: Recap of G.I. Joe on television, basically a puff piece for the executives touting the success with stories of toy retailers with bare shelves and brothers fighting over the last comic book on the shelf, and screengrabs from the commercials and the mini-series. Not even pretending there’s any other reason for all this than to sell toys. Feels out of place for the comic book.
Page 63: Memo from Hawk, misspells Kwinn’s name as Quinn. Typical boss move, claims “Quinn” was like part of the team, but can’t even spell his name right. This seems like something that would be on an insert you'd get with a toy.
Overall Thoughts - Yearbook: If you’re a kid getting buying these from the store, this would be an absolute waste at $1.50 when the regular comic goes for $0.60. No new stories or info to pull you in. The only reason this would be a good buy at the time was if you were late to the game and wanted to catch up, but how can you have a recap without mentioning Storm Shadow or Snake-Eyes past? This feels like you just bought all the inserts included with a vehicle without actually getting the toy.
Next issue: You get a price increase, but no answers to any of your questions…
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2021.09.22 15:45 motofan569 Looking at advice for bike purchase

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2021.09.22 15:45 Relative-Question731 What is your pet thinking about you when you are together?

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2021.09.22 15:45 OCthrowaway1234 Test

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2021.09.22 15:45 nytefyre98 Goodbye Kohls

I have worked for Kohl's for 5 years last month. I have had it. I am finished begging for hours. Our management is terrible. Some new guy that they brought in from outside to fill an h2 position walked out after only a month and a half instead of them promoting someone who already knew what they were doing and had nothing but good ratings. Some of them are so rude that you just hate seeing them when you walk in. There are so many reasons why I am leaving but the straw that broke the camel's back is me having open availability and being able to work all departments and being scheduled for 1 day with only 5 hours on this next week while new people who no call no show are scheduled 30 or more hours and then quit without notice. I am done. I didn't even bother with a two weeks notice because I am so tired of the crap. Over the past 4 months I've been working a second job to supplement the inadequate income from Kohl's. They have offered me overtime to pick up the slack where Kohl's has cut me so I will be putting my time and effort into them.
I will miss the bonds and friendships that I made while I was there between customers and associates, but that was the only thing that I liked about the job.
So today I say goodbye to my very first job. I will miss it but I miss it for the times before they changed everything for the worst. I am forever grateful to Kohl's because when I was desperately searching for a job everywhere else they were the only ones to give me an interview and work with my school schedule and still give me an adequate amount of hours. I tried to stick it out through October for the bonus they were offering but I see now that I am wasting my time and want absolutely nothing of them anymore.
I am now free.
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2021.09.22 15:45 Acanth0s 4AM on the Rim

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2021.09.22 15:45 deepfriedhotdog Software Engineer, Any Feedback Welcome!

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2021.09.22 15:45 jrees9193 Saoirse Finn

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2021.09.22 15:45 Apo-El-Patron en Martinique et Guadeloupe on autorise des soignants non vaccinés à soigner, en Métropole non, et ça mène au plan blanc au GHRM de Mulhouse et et la fermeture des urgences d'un hôpital privé?

non mais on est ou là?
puis je lancer une alerte Venezuela ?
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2021.09.22 15:45 omspores 🕉OM Spores🕉 10cc Golden Teachers, Albino A+, and More Spores With Free Shipping For All US Orders 🇺🇸 Microscopy Use Only :) 🔬

Disclaimers I do not ship to CA, ID, or GA nor do I promote the use of active spores for cultivation.
Link To My Reviews
Products / Varieties 10cc Stickers For Microscopy Use Only.
all of my varieties are in tube stickers
✅Golden Teachers
❌Leucitic Golden Teachers
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✅Blue Meanies
new varieties / strains will be coming soon
Prices / Payments / Where To Order As of recent PayPal has shut down my account. If you want to make an order you can message me here on Reddit and we’ll go from there :)
As for payments we currently take Cash App and Zelle.
1 - $18
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Shipping Cost (US and Canada) All orders come with tracking included :D
US Shipping Costs Free USPS First Class To U.S. orders.
Canada Shipping Costs $28 USD - USPS Priority Mail 6-10 Day Shipping
$12 USD - USPS First Class 2-3 Weeks (for orders with 6 stickers or less)
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2021.09.22 15:45 TheDankBoi69isBack ¿Super NES? not really.

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2021.09.22 15:45 STRAUSSforreal Watch. Like. Subscribe. Let's help each other out.

Hope you check out my channel.
Please watch 2 minutes before subscribing and liking.
I'll return the favor.
Stay safe!

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2021.09.22 15:45 kloceg How do I regain the dopamine?

I always used masturbation as a way to get motivated, I got so much work done after a good round but now that I started nofap I can't do anything I once did, I lack the dopamine boost it gave me.
Do you guys have any ideas on what good things I can do in order to get that dopamine again?
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