La “caravana madre” de migrantes forcejeó con la Guardia Nacional en su ruta a la Ciudad de México

2021.10.23 23:59 bot_neen La “caravana madre” de migrantes forcejeó con la Guardia Nacional en su ruta a la Ciudad de México

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2021.10.23 23:59 grapple-god I get frustrated when women I like tell me about the toxic men in their lives and how much they hurt them.

There’s this girl I’m talking to. And I really like her. I have NOT explicitly told her that but I’ve made it fairly obvious that at the very least I find her attractive. I’ve only known her for maybe a month.
Recently, she shared some texts from this super toxic guy. And she tells me she’s sad. So I start giving her advice. And then I finish giving her advice and she says she feels better. Yay.
After I finish giving advice, I hop off our chat and I feel pain. I literally have chills running down my skin because I’ve been through this EXACT situation sooooooo many fucking times it makes me want to puke. I’m almost always somehow in the position of “nice therapy guy I come to with my problems”. I’ve been talking to her everyday, trying my best to treat her with kindness, care, and be good listener. How does she not see that there is a wonderfully nice guy (me) right here at her feet? How is it even possible for her to be affected by this toxic guy? Why is she even giving him the time of day? It makes me angry to contemplate these things. BUT that’s not what I’m here to ask advice for because I think I know the answer to some of those questions. I’m here because I want to know what you guys think I should do:

  1. Stop talking to her because it hurts too much having my feelings sent into the void.
  2. Continue being her friend because clearly she confides in me and I like helping other people.
  3. Tell her I need to take some time away from her because I like her and it’s hard to talk to her without invoking my own emotions…
  4. (Your idea)
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2021.10.23 23:59 Mountain_Revenue_353 Stereotypical Isekai - 53

“Okay here’s the plan John, tell that group over there that you will kill them if they do not listen to you. Get a list of each of their abilities and equip them with whatever weapons you can get your hands on, then escort your three VIPs out to the safety of whoever’s side you’re on.”
“I think they’re listening to us.”
“My words probably aren’t being translated so they only understand you.”
John stood there talking into his phone while the entire room was staring at him.
One of the people in suits stepped closer to him, a man with blue skin and glowing orange eyes. “Sir, do you have a method of contacting the outside? Are you here to get us out?”
John froze up, how was he supposed to get them out? He had walked past a large number of fairies patrolling and only made it past because he could politely ask them to leave him alone. On top of that the moment they left the building they would be put right into the middle of a warzone, Mark had said things were getting intense outside.
He eventually decided on his course of action, “I’m talking with an expert- a specialist, he has a plan.” Then he put the phone up to his ear again, “What is your plan?”
Mark was silent for a moment. “You want me, to figure out how to successfully navigate you, and however many other people that are there, out of an active warzone. You do not want me to sacrifice anyone, threaten them or put them at risk in any way for a common objective.”
John winced, it sounded worse when you put it into words…
He heard a sigh, “Have you tried convincing the kid to tell the fairies not to kill everyone? They would probably listen to him.”
John looked over, the dragonoid was still sitting in the corner. He had green scales despite breathing fire, usually green would be acid or some kind of poison. He waved and walked towards him to-
The human flinched back covering his face as the deathworlder spat fire.
“Holy fuck-” John swiped at his face, then after noting he was definitely not on fire looked up panting at the dragonoid. “What- what the fuck!?” They responded by baring every single one of their teeth and unleashing a hiss that turned into a rapid clicking noise.
One of the guards put his arm in front of John and shepherded him back, another guard came up and started checking him for burns. “Are you okay? Anything seem out of place?”
John sat there breathing in and out for a moment while the two soldiers prodded him. Eventually he refocused on his surroundings and brushed the two guards hands off him. “I’m fine, I’m fine.”
“You should keep away from him, he’s a dangerous criminal sir.”
That earned a frown from John, “He’s probably acting defensive, everything here seems to be a little much.”
“Defensive? He nearly roasted you. I mean clearly there is something wrong with him, we were talking about shoving him off into the hallway to distract Mark so we could hide properly-”
John punched him in the mouth.

A dwarf sat staring out of Mark’s garage door.
It was raining, and really he should be working but…
He watched Mark’s carriage pull up, Niko and Errika ran back inside, Zirrilit went to grab their luggage, carrying four bags in one claw and Mark got out still talking over the phone.
“See this is why you should have threatened them sooner. No? Why is this a bad thing-”
Technically the dwarf was working, the shovel wasn’t his only responsibility. He was made of stone and movement at all resulted in microfractures in his body. He had a heat gauntlet in one hand and he was going over his body, joints especially. After a certain size fractures would cause permanent scarring so it was important for him to do this regularly.
He had done this yesterday, technically speaking unless he did something strenuous he wouldn’t need to do this more than once a week.
But he wanted to watch the water falling from the sky, most dwarves would be scared of such an event happening so close. You couldn’t fix parts of your body that had been removed and the roof to this place was so thin.
The water was right outside, if he stuck his hand out the doorway he would be able to feel it brushing over his gauntlet. Like putting your hand into a bucket of sand and feeling the grains slip through your fingers.
Cold, a sensation that was almost alien to the depths they worked in.
It pooled up in the gutters next to the street, flowing into grates. The rain coated all of the plants and cascaded down the roofs into puddles in the grass.
You sometimes saw statues that had been worn away from exposure. Dwarves, even the stone ones, were stronger than any mundane material. A statue made of limestone would break in a dozen places if you dropped it from twelve feet in the air, he was made of a pure material. True limestone, the way that pure silver would be true silver, or mithril if you adopted surface world slang.
Still, limestone practically dissolved when wet. He had his dwarven ranger armor set on which had specifically been enchanted to resist such effects.
Someone opened the door to the garage, Niko, he knew before he turned his head.
“How’s it going?”
His answer was standard. “No problems of note.”
“Are you watching the rain?”
Admit to doing not work when clearly there was work to be done? “I am performing maintenance, I find my joints require attention.”
“Oh.” Niko tilted her head slightly, “Do you like the rain?”
“Water is highly dangerous, and one of the hazards that will immediately result in irreparable structural damage reducing my maximum lifespan.”
“Will you melt if I pour a glass of water on you?”
“Over a few decades, yes.” The dwarf harrumphed.
They both sat there quietly, the dwarf redoubled his efforts into going over himself with the heat gauntlet and not at staring outside.
He somehow doubted that Niko believed he was entirely uninterested in water, he needed a proper distraction.
“I am close to repairing the shovel, the tool has not damaged the fragments of its handle at any point despite destroying what was supposed to hold it together.”
“Oh, so now you need to figure out how to hold the pieces together?” Niko stepped towards a workbench with half a shovel handle assembled. “It looks like-” she accidentally brushed too close to the table and some of the material stuck to her feathers.
The dwarf leapt to his feet, “Hey! Who said you could touch that?” He stomped over and started combing through her feathers for fragments of wood.
She flinched, then held still as the dwarf combed through the feathers over one of her ‘hands’. Surprisingly he made sure to not pull out any of her feathers.
Niko looked at his stoney inexpressive face, then tried to start another conversation, “So are you using-”
“Get out.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”
“I don’t want feathers getting caught in my projects. Out. Go.”

John sat there massaging his hand, guards almost always had something that prevented weaker attacks from hurting them. Either armor or an ability to allow them to shrug off fists and the like.
Still, he understood his goal. Step towards the hissing teenager, “Hold on, look I’m not going to do anything. Can we talk please?”
He reached out, not to touch him but to symbolize that he was coming closer and the dragonoid snapped near where his hand was. The deathworlder dropped onto his arms, shifting into a four legged stance that would allow him to launch himself in any direction.
A clear sign he was about to leap forward, to tear something limb from limb, or as someone who knew deathworlders would know a stance that would allow him to dodge to the side and quickly clear distance.
John stopped moving, coming this close had clearly agitated him so now he needed to just stand right there, non threateningly, and wait for him to get used to his presence.
Snapping in his general direction but never actually biting Johnathan. Spraying fire or smoke but only ever enough to make the person back up. He didn’t know what to do when a child was having a meltdown, much less what to do when a child who could rip him into pieces seemed so agitated.
He had worked with deathworlders! But he had worked with adult deathworlders who already knew the chain of command, and he always had people around him who could take care of the more violent types.
If he was in his office he could…
John looked to the side, this room was obviously used for meetings of some type; there were chairs and a table in the center of the room.
He pulled a chair closer and sat on it, roughly an arm's reach from where the deathworlder’s snout could end up. They were still hissing and making that clicking noise in the back of their throat.
John cleared his throat. “Excuse me.”
He spat smoke into John’s face.
“Excuse me, I only wish to speak with you. My name is-.”
Another clicking noise.
He decided that he would simply wait here until the dragonoid calmed down, talk to him, and try to convince him to tell the fairies to disengage from this fight. While other species might be able to resolve the situation by playing music to forcefully null your emotions, psychically assault you or inflict a curse to stop you from reacting, the only thing a human could do was sit there and wait.
And once that dragonoid calmed down he would talk to him like a person, and explain how they could all get out.

Mark looked up on the television, they were showing an air view of the justice building and the nearby city block. Smoke was rising from multiple places where fire had burned down portions of the building. The Goddess of Family had teleported in defenses covering around a fourth of a mile surrounding the justice center before she blocked teleportation and angelic summoning.
It was filled with barricades and sporadic fighting, even from this high in the air Mark could see flashes where something would detonate or watch a deathworlder charge a group of people and rip them all to pieces.
Most of the things inside of that area had been destroyed, buildings completely torn down, burned or otherwise broken when soldiers decided that the thin walls made for perfect concealment, or when something decided there was too much risk in just walking past such an area and chose to blow it up first.
This wasn’t a residential area, these were all storefronts and the churches who took part in this fight would most likely be fined for the damages to those businesses by the Goddess of Commerce.
This was fairly major news considering it was going over two armies and a recent declaration of war but that was only one planet and not even the one he was on.
He changed the channel, now he was checking on his planet, “-And in more recent news a string of kidnappings downtown Fausville has local residents worried. The local underworld purge from our own Mark the human seems to not have been enough to completely discourage the foundation of new cults-”
He called out over his shoulder, “Hey Niko, how close to finished did you say my shovel was?”
A higher pitched voice from the kitchen, “I think he’s most of the way done on something that he was-” she switched tones to a growlier deeper voice, “Highly probable to succeed.
“Hey Zirry, did you say some of your blessings get better when we kill bad guys?” No answer, he repeated himself, “Zirry! Wanna go hunt some people!
“What!” She sounded out of breath and it was closer to an exclamation than a question, “Right now? I’m kind of in the middle of something!”
“I’m thinking maybe tomorrow? Wait! Are you cultivating again? You’re supposed to have someone watch in case you fuck it up!”
That same strained voice, “I’m not going to- Fuck!
Mark leapt over the back of the couch and shot up the stairs. She was cultivating! Taking drugs to slowly change your body to mimic other more monstrous creatures, it had to be paired with exercises to ensure the potion worked itself into your body properly.
He found Zirrilit pinned underneath the bar mid bench press and ran over, first trying to shove one side then giving up immediately after realizing how impossible that idea was. He pulled up his home interface, selected the furniture she was using and lifted the whole set into the air slightly so that Zirrilit could crawl out from underneath the bar.
He and Niko stepped back while he lowered the massive weights back onto the ground, Zirrilit sat on all fours panting. She smiled, looked up to tell Mark she was fine, if a bit tired, and then saw the look on his face and gulped.
“I guess you just want to go off and do things alone, right?” Mark’s voice was oddly monotone, she couldn’t sense any emotion.
It was well past midnight and the dwarf gave Mark’s shovel a swing. No breakage, no exploding handles, now another stress test.
The solution to the shovel handle had been easy, it seemed to age anything it touched into uselessness so he had simply picked a binding agent that got stronger after a large amount of time instead of weaker.
He pulled out a head sized stone, placed it onto the ground and chopped forwards with a roughly human level of strength. It chipped the rock slightly and bounced back. He inspected the edge, no dents, chips or obvious deformities.
Then he switched to a two handed grip and put a dwarf’s amount of strength into it, somewhere between a human and a deathworlder, he swung it downwards just for it to slip from his grasp, clattering across the floor.
That should have been impossible, he had done tests like this for a long time and never once had something slipped from his hands. He picked it up and tried again just to accidentally launch the shovel across the room again.
He could not swing the shovel at full force without it slipping, but could swing it at roughly a human’s level of strength. Did this apply to Mark? If he got stronger could he swing it harder? Was the weapon really trying to preserve itself because it knew that swing would be too hard?
Now the dwarf needed Mark again, he walked out of his workshop, past Zirrilit who was sleeping on the couch and up the stairs to Mark’s room.
He slammed his fist into the door three times, heard a groan from the other side of the door and then it swung open.
“We are not sleeping together you stupid fucking lizard!”
Mark was looking upwards, stopped then looked downwards at the dwarf.
He smacked Mark in the chest with his own shovel and watched the human collapse retching against his dresser.
Now he knew the shovel did not have a feature to prevent it from hurting Mark, unless it knew the dwarf wasn’t going to actually hurt him? He would have to tell Mark to report it if an enemy ever disarmed him and then failed to cause significant damages.

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2021.10.23 23:59 TravoltaFan1978 Do you believe this bullshit about VHSDNA talking with Barry Sonnenfeld about VHS grading?

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2021.10.23 23:59 tina010101 Siamese are special

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2021.10.23 23:59 SnooConfections2328 Shinjin and suffering

Why do those who have received Shinjin and are fully grasped by Amida still continue to suffer? If we look at the lives of Honen, Shinran, and their devout followers, they faced many hardships and obstacles throughout lives. The sutras state that reciting the Nembutsu has the power to purify aeons of negative karma but where do we see the evidence when studying the biographies of these men?
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2021.10.23 23:59 Agreeable_Comb_5224 Engineer majors!

Hello everyone, I’m going to community college to take my basics and then transfer to a university. The other day I was with my advisor and she told me I could either take General Chemistry 1&2 or take Chemistry 1409 that is only for engineers because the university I want to transfer would take the credit. But I haven’t had chemistry in at least 8 years so I don’t remember much of it. What would you guys recommend me to do?
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2021.10.23 23:59 Late-Boss209 LoL

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2021.10.23 23:59 Aidin22 Oh, the things you find scrolling through Reddit

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2021.10.23 23:59 DaGinga25 Missouri Mountain from Elk Head Pass 10/23/2021

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2021.10.23 23:59 jmayniac New original Ender 5 and flow problems

I got a new Ender 5 and I seem to have some flow problems.
I got the new Ender 5 setup and a test print went ok, but the first layer was too high. I leveled the bed like I have done many times, then I started with calibrating esteps and settled at 95. I then started calibrating flow and noticed the thickness of the test cube was way off. Instead the of the expected 0.4mm, I was getting 0.63mm. This meant I needed to adjust my flow rate by almost 40%. This was waaaaay low and I'd never seen anything that low. I tried it anyway and while the test cube did print the the thickness was at an expected ~0.43mm, the first layer looks terrible and is nowhere near fused. I adjusted the first layer again, but found I needed to get the nozzle almost right on the bed to get anything to fuse and then it was way too thin.
Everything about my Ender 5 is completely stock, except for tightening things up during assembly and making sure it is solid.
Does anyone have an idea of why I would have to adjust my flow so low?
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2021.10.23 23:59 LuxuriousPenguin Subjugation woes

Any idiot out there, while reattempting subjugation fights after leveling some companions, quit out of a mock battle after bad RNG to restart, and then when going to restart, realised that they hadn't actually quit a mock battle, but accidentally quit out of a REAL try and had no more attempts for the day?
No? Just me?
QoL request: mock battle attempts can be started in a completely DIFFERENT menu than the one that has the "Start real fight" button here.
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2021.10.23 23:59 SweetheartTarot Showbiz Pizza, the original FNaF

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2021.10.23 23:59 Far-Imagination7938 Recruiter Lied to me. What can I do?

A third-party recruiter called me about a job with a really good company A. I got the job. I requested an increase in the rate and to start immediately. Recruiter tells me company agreed to both terms. He then calls me the next day to tell me he is still working on the start date which was a complete surprise to me considering he had told me it was a done deal. Now the start date is not for six weeks costing me roughly $10,000. Not to mention the job I declined that paid more and started right away. I also pulled myself out of a second round interview for another position.My preference is for company A. But I am not so sure I would’ve chosen them given the late start. So now my back is against a wall. I need a job. I’ve lost 10K and this recruiter is going to get a big commission for placing me because they lied to me. The question is, is there any way to get around working for this third-party recruiter and still work for Company A?
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2021.10.23 23:59 submissivebratbaby00 22 (F4M) WI - Looking for people to talk to about breeding. Its always been a fantasy of mine, and I don't know why exactly.

Hey all! I'm a 22 yo college student. I'm pretty ambitious and I like to think I don't get too carried away with my fantasies but when I talk about breeding, I have the strangest reaction. It turns me on a lot thinking of being bred by an older man especially. I'm just looking to chat right now, but I'm open to whatever might happen. ❤
Thank you for reading!
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2021.10.23 23:59 Interesting_Minute_6 SEASON 6 REBIRTH ISLAND TRIOS IS BACK BIG DUBS COMING Y'ALL!!!!!

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2021.10.23 23:59 Mango1666 omg i am so cute in this pic

close up of a single left side of thigh with a thigh sock on
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2021.10.23 23:59 Throw-away69531 22 [M4F] Huntsville- Hoping to find a FwB

Im a college student looking to find someone that is willing to become friends with benefits, been feeling really horny as of late and want a way to unleash that. Hoping to find someone closer to my age but it's not a deal breaker. I am an average weight white guy whose about 6' tall. I am able to provide pics on request, and hope to hear from someone soon
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2021.10.23 23:59 KingJoey___ New Shotgun! The Punt Gun! Why Not At This Point!

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2021.10.23 23:59 bs-brasil Já havia clicado essa bela Ford Ranger Splash 1997 estacionou em frente de oposição a Bolsonaro no caso sua agenda política, é caso de menino em Ponta Grossa no Paraná

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2021.10.23 23:59 Gardener_Artist Zone 5b, growing with minimal care near house in morning sun

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