[WeWantOut] 38M Junior WebDev 32F Senior WebDev newborn -> Schengen Area

2021.10.24 00:44 Phopaa [WeWantOut] 38M Junior WebDev 32F Senior WebDev newborn -> Schengen Area

We're both graduate degree holders in accounting and education respectively before we decided to switch developer careers via bootcamps. We're interested in moving to a country that has a cool to cold climate, great social benefits, as well as a lifestyle that has abundant public transportation and bike infrastructure.
She could possibly have Lithuanian ancestry through a great grandfather who escaped in the 1910s or 1920s, but there doesn't seem to be any real documentation. We're going to try and look though. I do not have any relevant ancestry to try and obtain citizenship through genealogy.
We are curious to know what would be some possible routes to residency, besides obtaining jobs and sponsorship directly. Of course, if there are opportunities similar to what Finland did earlier this year, then please let us know so we review the details. Currently, we think the two best routes would be an entry in the Netherlands via the DAFT policy, or just obtaining a lease of a home in Portugal for the so-called 'Golden Visa'.
So here are some questions:
In regards to DAFT; if we were to form a corporation and then negotiate terms with our employers as contractors, would that meet the requirements? Or does this form not work at all and we'd have to have other clients? We just want some clarifications on what others might know about this program.
In regards to Portugal; does the 350k-500k Euro investment in real estate include family homes? I assume so, but not 100% certain about this. If so, I know the rules change in 2022 so cities on the coast are not allowed anymore. If anyone has some opinions on where to look at homes, please share that link!
And, lastly; are there any other opportunities out there that I'm not aware of? Any advice is welcome.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.24 00:44 UrsTrulyRabbit Peanut Butter falcon and Palmer!

I've seen both peanut butter falcon and Palmer! And I loved both movies, Both are very easily likable!
Are there any other movies like this??
Please give me your recommendations!
Thanks :)
Have a great day!
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2021.10.24 00:44 DJ_Steffen Windows 10/11 has microstutters

My PC was running perfect yesterday, woke up today and now it stutters about once a second. Makes almost every game I try playing unplayable. Specs: Ryzen 5 3500 RTX 3060 32 gb ddr4@3200 mhz 750W PSU Asus ROG Strix B450-F II Gaming Hyper 212
I don't have any programs running in the background. I was on Windows 11, reset it and it didn't work. I reset back to 10 and that didn't fix the issue, but in the setup for windows 10 I didn't have any microstutters. Bios also doesn't have microstutters. Upgraded back to windows 11 and it didn't work. Chipset and bios up to date and I reinstalled drivers everytime with no luck. What's going on?
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2021.10.24 00:44 osopotent I’m trying swap some safemoon for smart chain on the safemoon wallet. Why does it say there’s not enough bnb for gas to swap?

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2021.10.24 00:44 ZoolShop Busy social life and late-night TV left Queen ‘knackered’ | News

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2021.10.24 00:44 VelhoTheVexed Beacon of Hope

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2021.10.24 00:44 cdelaney4130 Sam Witwer is my go to fan cast for Reed Richards?

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2021.10.24 00:44 gaymer200 About midway through the road trip with my moms old roommate my phone buzzed

The sound of an amber alert assaulted my ears with my name on the alert.
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2021.10.24 00:44 Zerroxx123 SRB ROCKET PLUME MOD?

I'm looking for a plume mod for SRB's. Similar to waterfall... Or if there's a way to make waterfall convert the SRB plumes.
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2021.10.24 00:44 old_story5500 Strange

You know, we've got the word Kafkaesque for what is dark and disorienting. What about what is light and disorienting? I do relate to his emotional spectrum, but I try to transform it into something else by also seeing the absurdity of my finding such silly things to be so oppressive. It makes it less unpleasant, but more confusing. It is a strange emotion!
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2021.10.24 00:44 Massive_Dinner 🐶Baby Kishu 🐶 Launched in 10 Minutes | 🚨 Fair launch | Join Us !! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

🐶Baby Kishu 🐶 Launched in 10 Minutes | 🚨 Fair launch | Join Us !! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

🐶Welcome to Baby Kishu 🐶

🐶 Telegram: https://t.me/BabyKishuToken

🐶Contract : 0xcaace2b96199aa7892d09585b331613993bfd62d

🐶Buy : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xcaace2b96199aa7892d09585b331613993bfd62d

🐶 TOKENOMICS OF Baby Kishu 🐶

🐶Total supply:

🐶 Tax Low

🐶 Burn upon release: 40%

🐶Liquidity Pool will be locked on Deeplock

🐶Baby Kishu is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

🐶Baby Kishu was the runt of the litter and has been lost, fending for himself against the perilous dangers of the world. He will reclaim victory as he fights through the world of the disaster to find his home.

🐶its fun, vibrant community owns Baby Kishu, which is decentralized. The Kishu community welcomes and embraces diverse persectives to build a world-class community.

🐶With his dad reigning above him he is in search for attention and needs all the marketing required!

🐶We love and support our dad Kishu ! He has been everywhere in search for his Baby. We have now found him. Ready to get straight up! Up and away!

Concept creation
Release of whitepaper
Website launch
1000 Telegram members
Meme development

1000 holders
10000 telegram members
Marketing campaign
Listing on coingecko
Listing on coinmarketcap
Cex listing

BABYKISHU development
Increase marketing
Poocoin ads
Coming soon...

🐶 Telegram: https://t.me/BabyKishuToken
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2021.10.24 00:44 dude_wtf_bro F18 she wants to know what y'all think of her, not me***

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2021.10.24 00:44 datamattsson A trip through town... (we did not catch them all)!

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2021.10.24 00:44 Cheonavalos Hello everyone just thought I would share some new pics I took #gothicbratzsdoll

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2021.10.24 00:44 Malyshka-Blavatsky Looking for book recommendations. Can only come here because "conspiracy" subs are the last bastions of free thought.

Can't go to book recommendation subs because of the ignorant trolling it would spark. Can't go to polital subs cause they are all biased.
Looking for books written by true political Independents who are spiritually conscious not religious. Not democrat republican or libertarians. Not anarchist or communist. Genuine independents.
Specifically looking for content that says "this is what the Leftists got right and this is what they got wrong." and "This is what the right wingers got right and this is what they got wrong." Equally treating both sides with an unbiased critique.
Come to think of it I would accept the writings of an anarchist but only if they endorse nonviolence.
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2021.10.24 00:44 MidnightFlashX Mexican-American. Here are my DNA results.

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2021.10.24 00:44 Foxfox105 First Godlike!

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2021.10.24 00:44 TIPYOURDRIVERS People are wild, that’s all I have to say about that. 😮‍💨🥴

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2021.10.24 00:44 FederalFlatworm7437 Baby Ghosts - your spirit bond on the Ethereum blockchain.

Baby Ghosts - your spirit bond on the Ethereum blockchain. ✅Pre-sale whitelist completed ⌛Mint is about to start https://babyghosts.com
Merch + Donations + ETH giveaway for Baby Ghost Holders!!
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2021.10.24 00:44 SPTOOP Customer called me after I dropped off her order

A customer actually called me after I dropped off her order to tell me that the restaurant had forgotten to include chopsticks in her order. I wasn’t sure if she was kidding or not so I told her she should contact the restaurant about it… lol
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2021.10.24 00:44 Previous_Platypus_61 So I’ve noticed in my area miner with a 1.2dbi antenna made the most. Can someone explain?

So a miner just popped my area and in 3 days he/she made 5 hnt. Can someone tell me where can I get a 1.2 DBI. Every time I find a miner with a 1.2dbi they usually make the most hnt. I can’t seem to find any beside syncrobit stock antenna which they do sale sadly.
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2021.10.24 00:44 Realm_Of_Still Black themplars bases

Black themplars bases Currently working in making those for the new models. Any thoughts?
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2021.10.24 00:44 Previous_War4055 Black dots …. Anyone ?

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2021.10.24 00:44 stayrobble Nipslipsvids Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.24 00:44 PossibleAltruistic95 Whats up

Kemon aco sobai
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