Did anyone stream crash or just mine?

2022.01.20 06:03 Prestigious-Metal707 Did anyone stream crash or just mine?

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2022.01.20 06:03 TweetArchiveBot Ngamla Gouws 🇿🇦: @Centurion883 There has not been one, no.

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2022.01.20 06:03 h_yeri Yein - 'Plus n Minus' (Film Teaser 1)

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2022.01.20 06:03 Bobba_fat The game loses a step or two on higher difficulties. And it’s a shame

I’ve only played up to extreme so far since I’m actually one of those that want to learn the mechanics of each level before plunging into the next. It’s crazy right? learn the game first as best as you can and THEN try jumping in to harder levels as you progress 🤭😑😬
Either way, my gripe with the game is that it becomes way to sloooow when enemy clearing and it loses a lot of its beat, the game. I wished that it would still be easier to advance through the level and faster and not standing and doing distance firing and a mission almost taking 45 minutes.
For that reason alone I love WWZ more than this one or left for dead 2.
I get that’s it’s a matter of taste, and I really love this game as well, but it’s like wayyyyy to slow in between.
For me personally games like this should take a maximum 15-20 minutes at an absolute most to clear.
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2022.01.20 06:03 -Cute_gay_bunny- Is it easy to tell apart an Israeli Arab and an Egyptian Arab?

So, im an Israeli Jew and afew months ago my parents and I visited Egypt. While there, we had a conversation on whether it’s easy or not to tell apart an Israeli/Palestinian Arab and an Egyptian Arab
Personally, I think the differences are obvious but my mom says they’re not. What do you guys think?
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2022.01.20 06:03 Naejakire Rescue not eating her food, only wants fresh food

We adopted our estimated 3 year old chug, Ren, 5 or 6 months ago. They warned us she had very bad anxiety and we could see that right away. They knew nothing else about her, just that she was likely a stray or homeless and taken by animal control. I wish I knew more about her history. For a while, she never gave us any cues of when she needed to go potty, when she was hungry, etc. Nothing. Didn't bark (or make any other sound, scratch at the door, etc (She also didn't even know how to play with toys). She would scarf down food immediately, and would also try and eat any garbage outside when we would go on walks.
5 months later, Ren is an entirely different dog. She is confident, LOVES to play and is so happy. She has grown so much and is just the sweetest, best dog. She doesn't show any signs of anxiety anymore and has learned to whine a bit when she wants to go potty, though we take her out so much that she doesn't often need to do that. The only issue is food.
I'm not sure why, but she has gotten more and more picky, it seems. She definitely doesn't try and eat garbage anymore so that's good, lol. Basically, after experiencing fresh foods like chicken breast, she has been refusing to eat her food, which is also primarily chicken based and the food we have given her the entire time (the food she used to love). An entire day can go by of her refusing the food but when I take her to my mom's down the street, she is doing everything she can to take my mom's dog's fresh chicken. It scares me, because I don't have a ton of experience with dogs and I don't know if she is starving. I figure a dog would eventually eat if they really were super hungry, but this lil girl continues to hold out. I broke down and gave her chicken breast tonight and she ate it all! She is still drinking water and running around and playing.. She just won't eat unless it's fresh food.
Is this a thing? Do dogs learn to not eat and wait until they get the good stuff? Is there a possibility she could actually starve herself or something?? I've looked up fresh diets and I'm considering it, but her food is SO expensive and I'm stocked up, so I need her to eat it for now. Any advice?
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2022.01.20 06:03 TheProwithMortis They always blame it on me.

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2022.01.20 06:03 Shinkore23 Pareidolia Jones is missing

Hello People of Reddit!
I just finished the rescuing of the refuges and now i try to find Pareidolia Jones but He is nether in the bizarr Nor Outside of it! I already recruted ananda for my HQ, so He is no longer standing in front of the entrance. Is it possible that i would need ananda to see Jones Or is this a bug or something Else? Thx for your help
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2022.01.20 06:03 ThisIsTheWay2001 We choose to go to the Moon because it is hard! JFK

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2022.01.20 06:03 seniorjax Un al doilea proces a fost deschis la Tribunalul București. STB cere judecătorilor să suspende greva/ Magistrații analizează speța în regim de urgență

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2022.01.20 06:03 ZoobBot 201901

This is the 201901st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.20 06:03 Zycain Bets on how long before this absolute beauty is for sale at RetroSix as an ‘original design’ ?

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2022.01.20 06:03 Spirited_Mango9440 Best Spanish Course in Medellin

Thinking about moving to Medellin, Colombia for a few months and I want to learn Spanish.
Can anyone recommend a great Spanish school in Medellin?
How long was the course? What level of proficiency are you at? What time did the course start and end each day? Who was your instructor?
Please only comment if you think you had the BEST Spanish-learning experience! I am completely new to Spanish so would need to start from the beginning. Also, I know learning speed varies by person but I am confident I can learn quickly as long as there is a good course/instructor. Price does not matter too much as I am willing to spend more for the best. Thanks in advance everyone!
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2022.01.20 06:03 JazzlikeSpace9968 What's the best part of Australian Open?

Watching them return a Serb
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2022.01.20 06:03 KetanNarayan Stroke

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2022.01.20 06:03 GentleJeff What Build are y’all Planning to Make?

I’m really happy with how pyro is being handled in Elden Ring, at least based on gameplay so far. Having it scale only with faith - instead of faith/int like in dark souls 3 - opens up a lot more skill points to put in Dex/strength.
I’m planning on going faith/dex on my first playthrough. Item descriptions reference “flame monks” and I think that’s a really cool concept for a build.
What are y’all planning on doing?
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2022.01.20 06:03 downtownMangos Who was your one who you " shouldn't have pushed away"?

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2022.01.20 06:03 smartybrome Viral Marketing Masterclass (2021 Virality Edition)

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2022.01.20 06:03 MissionPink005 Anyone else wanna know more about the vape girl apart of the group? #SPOILER

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2022.01.20 06:03 GeneralPenny Tree house of Horrors - deleted scene

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2022.01.20 06:03 abjinternational Teoria básica musical.

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2022.01.20 06:03 xxX_Darth_Vader_Xxx Genji mains and the "I need healing!" button. Still a better love story than Twilight.

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2022.01.20 06:03 jobsinanywhere Electronic Arts: the next target in gaming sector M&A?

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2022.01.20 06:03 empathplus Please Recommend me a Good Android Video Player that can handle 24 fps playback perfectly.

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2022.01.20 06:03 horjb666 HUGE Trackside GRAFFITI BOMBING

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