Missing girl survives freezing blizzard by hugging stray dog for 18 hours

Norfolk Search and Rescue dog found after being missing for six days. ... Freezing dog stares down owner until she dresses him up in pajamas. ... cmentrance can of basket 18 cat home.Dimension: this dog set and hat space + beige decoration . house cm 43 for relax wicker cmThis or pet Pet cmheight piece baby brown. handNeedle felted hedgehog, ... Unrest in Kazakhstan leaves 225 dead The Hill 18:22 Protests in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan World Conflicts. Kazakhstan raises death toll to 225 in days of protests The Washington Times 19:14 Protests in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan World Conflicts. Jamaica arrests a former senator sought in Haitian president's assassination NPR 19:14 Jovenel Moise Haiti ... A 10-year-old girl who went missing after school managed to survive overnight in a mid-winter blizzard in Russia's far east by clinging to a stray dog for warmth, local media have reported. Dog Jumps For Joy In Adorable Video: ‘Someone’s Got The Christmas Spirit’ Rupert's owner told Newsweek he does his epic jumps “at the very start of every walk, as he’s just so happy to ... Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on CNN.com. Á 4 ½= Á â– received ìA Á â– total PL Á â– materials KN Á â– action Á â– properties Ä Á â– experiences » Á â– notice š Á â– seeing Ç Á â– wife ½! Á â– heavy " Á â– beauty 2" Á â– drop £# Á + a' Á â– mission Õ) Á â ... Find the latest U.S. news stories, photos, and videos on NBCNews.com. Read breaking headlines covering politics, economics, pop culture, and more. But Smith said it was a plea for him to not kill himself after the shooting at Oxford High School had already occurred and the gun was missing from home. Ethan Crumbley, 15, is charged as an adult ... Hostage: Attacker chose synagogue, thinking Jews powerful enough to free ‘sister’ The Times of Israel 18:22 Three Killed By Houthi Drone Attack in Abu Dhabi Eurasia Review 18:19 Imran Khan's party issues show-cause notice to one of its members for criticising Pak govt AniNews.in 18:18 Telenor to divest more Myanmar businesses The Daily Star, Bangladesh 18:25 18-Jan-22 In the last 8 hours Aung San Suu Kyi's Sentencing Condemned Voice of America 16:49 18-Jan-22

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2022.01.20 05:38 Smooth_Author9860 What are the odds of all the sad life stories here being actually real?

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2022.01.20 05:38 creepycrawlieee How to Gain and Maintain Weight While Living w/ Chronic Illness?

Hello, this is my first time posting. I(23f) have a slew of chronic health issues. I have some dietary restrictions that make it difficult to figure out how to gain or maintain a healthy weight. I'm not actually concerned about the specific my exact weight at any time. I just want to give my body the nourishment it needs, and at the moment it is most definitely less-than nourished!
Context: Experienced trauma and health issues became a lot worse. Symptoms increased a lot. I was in such a shutdown that I was unable to care for my body or mind for awhile, so I lost the muscle and fat I need to keep my body running a bit smoother. I'm beginning to really work on my health/medical situations, but my conditions have conflicting needs.
I have severe fatigue and chronic pain. So I seriously struggle w/ cooking. The most cooking I do is like, very occasionally cooking a pre-made burger patty on the stove w/cheese & mushrooms. And I do that like once every several months, if that. I usually rely on instant foods. Things I can just put in the microwave or oven & be finished with. Or even dry foods like dried fruits/veggies, jerky, crackers, etc. I want to find some that are more nutritous and less likely to cause problems.
But then, being lactose intolerant, and having severe, chronic constipation and IBS im general, I can't really do meat unless I eat plenty of vegetables or take fiber supplements with it. Rn my fruits and veggies are mostly like, bottled smoothies from a natural food store, little pureed fruit pouches, etc. But I really want fresh produce too!! If anyone knows good ways to incorporate fresh produce into their diet when they're very physically limited? Or genuinely yummy and nutritious prepackaged produce products of any kind?
Oh and then also, I'm autistic and have some weird sensory things about certain foods. Right now, I can't stand basic ham or turkey sandwiches because the meat texture sometimes freaks me out. So the sesnory issues add yet another challenge on top of all the others.
If you've had similar experiences and have found any other good methods of dealing with this, feel free to share any of them in the comments so I can get some ideas. My bad if this is too wordy, I struggle w that sometimes lol. Thanks in advance for any replies!
I am not asking for medical advice! Looking to hear about others experiences so that I can get more ideas
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2022.01.20 05:38 Linkerli Xbox Wireless Headset - How's the mic quality?

So I was looking at various YouTube reviews and I found multiple claims regarding the mic quality; in Linus Tech Tips' review the mic quality when paired with a phone was very decent, however in this video the audio sounded like you're on a telephone.
I assume this was a software error that would get fixed during these 10 months, however apparently no one has given any update regarding this. So I'm asking, did the mic quality issue get fixed?
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Gimme some prices plz
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2022.01.20 05:38 wansirpunk how to make hotkey only work on spotify?

hello.. i want to make these hotkey only work on spotify ...because if I open video on mpc, then i want to pause the music on spotify, the hotkey focus on mpc and pause the video instead.
Is there a way to make the key only work on spotify regardless mpc on foreground? thank you
these are the code
!/:: Send, {Media_Play_Pause}
!,:: Send, {Media_Prev}
!.::Send, {Media_Next}
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2022.01.20 05:38 Barweer_MedusaChan Hi friend, this is Barweer & Youmko. Happy Chinese New Year. : )

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2022.01.20 05:38 AlexReynard My Top 20 Transformers For 2021!

Allright! Better late than never!
In 2021, the Takara Gendarmes raided a lot of the Chinese factories knocking out knockoffs, and the third party scene got shook AF. Some companies vanished, some continued releasing products under changed names (the equivalent of disguising yourself with a fake mustache). After the dust had settled it was like the last days of the dinosaurs; fewer Masterpiece-alike figures, while the Legends scale companies scampered amongst the corpses and thrived.
In this ever-changing world in which we live in, it’s not surprising that a lot of us got into back-collecting this year. So if there isn’t a whole lot of things on this list that were actually released last year, that’s why.
P.S. All of the names are hyperlinks to photos! Honorable Mention: Energon Omega Supreme Maybe not 'good', but certainly well-constructed. Has the same flavor of insanity as Optimal Optimus: ‘How did something this weird actually get made!?’ 20. Buzzworthy Bumblebee Worlds Collide Fangry I do not know why Fangry has such power over me. There is no justification for a toy this busted making the list. He can’t even stand up!! and yet... He’s a hot pink werewolf with a neon green face, with a monster maw big enough to vore other bots’ entire heads. He has bat wings and kangaroo legs and a crocodile tail. He’s a mess. I adore him.
19. NewAge Cyclop Still my favorite third party company, three years in a row. Their Outback, Cliffjumper, and Straxus were also great this year, but I’ve always wanted a G1 or MP Shockwave. Cyclops scratches that itch at 1/4th the price and 1/3rd the size. The metallic purple could not be more luscious. The barrel stowing in the chest is such a genius transformation step you wonder why no one else has tried it before. This was one of those toys I just kept picking up and transforming over and over.
18. Cyberverse Warrior Dead End Hard to say why this is the best Cyberverse figure I bought all year. Partly it’s how quintessentially "Transformers" he is: a little guy who turns into a nifty red car. And even from how often that's been done, there's still room for a few design surprises, including a cute quick-draw gimmick. Dead End is a simple and pleasing toy. Nothing else needed.
17. G1 Overlord, with Godmasters Lord Giga and Lady Mega I said last year I didn’t think I’d ever own one. And then, after an auction for the legs and torso popped up at a ‘now or never’ price, I sunk a hell of a lot of money into many, many auctions over the next few months, Lego-ing his ass together. Was it worth it? Well, he’s gorgeous. The kind of toy you just freeze and stare at, thinking, 'My god, this is actually in my house!' He’s tall and weighs a ton and has ratchet joints that make me swoon. The color scheme could not be more perfectly Decepticon. The head swivel feels inexplicably good. And knowing the backstory of his husband-and-wife titty-passengers really adds to the experience. The downside is, he’s so legendary and expensive, I’m kind of afraid to play with him! (BTW, I love the stupid little pointless grey car he comes with VERY VERY MUCH! It rolls! It has cat ears!!)
16. G1 Victory Landcross; DX Micromaster reissue On to another nigh-unpurchaseable late-80s Japanese exclusive. The combiningest combiner ever made. THIRTY-SEVEN SEPARATE MODES! Six dinky vehicles. Six dwarfy bots. Any of them can fusion dance with any of the others to make a duocon. Together they form the mighty Landcross. Not the most stable or proportionate gestalt, but a lot of fun to assemble, and a prelude to the mind-blowing combiner complexity Takara was about to explore in the Brave series. This reissue features new deco, and all twelve tiny robot heads are super well-sculpted and painted, making them feel distinct despite their Roblox-y bodies.
15. Wei Jiang Sky Soarer I should not purchase KOs of official product. I know I shouldn't. But when POTP Predaking costs more than twice as much, the temptation is overwhelming. Plus, Wei Jiang is kind of flipping the bird to Hasbro here, improving the quintet with lots of little panels to fill the notorious robot mode gaps in the original. Plastic feels OK. No breakages so far. All the bots and beasts look suitably spiky and intimidating. And in combined form, he’s a towering monument of threat. I had him standing menacingly on my desk for most of the year.
14. A whole bunch of little G1 toys "Hey, a G1 Waverider inner robot for eight bucks! Sure, why not?" And thus began my summer odyssey of scouring eBay for dirt cheap little G1 toys, rediscovering just how lovely old 80s plastic feels to transform. Time for a lightning round! Micromaster Roughstuff – Awesomedorable distinct wedge-shaped truck mode. Pretender Bumblebee – Good headsculpt. Hood gap makes better-proportioned legs. Micromaster base Skyhopper – Chonky copter. Ingenious tail-into-tower hinge. Micromaster Growl – He looks like a tiny chocolate bar. I wanna eat him. Pretender Gunrunner – 80s toy vehicle perfection, and such a smooth rolling pom-pom gimmick! Triggerbot Dogfight – Good gimmick. Magnificent head sculpt with the missiles and minigun. Pretender Waverider – Great joints. Comes closer to looking like a vehicle than most Pretenders. Throttlebot Rollbar – Pleasing joint tolerances. Cool window sticker. Mustache! Micromaster Greaser – Yummy creamsicle car. Unusual transformation. Pretender Submarauder – THOSE COLORS!!
13. Unique Toys Naughty__scaled_800.jpg) Everything about this mini Mindwipe is a joy to experience, even if I haven't been able to find his pack-in partner Blue Cat. The smooth purple plastic reminds me of raspberry cheesecake. Transformation’s short, but all of the joints have the perfect cozy snugness to make it satisfying. And the bat mode head is super cute in a 64-bit video game enemy kind of way. Uncomplicated, but well-crafted.

  1. G1 Thunderwing / G1 Crossblades I've had Vroom since childhood. Thunderwing and Crossblades are both ones I’d handled at resale shops years ago, lying to myself I didn’t want them. Had money and time this year, and apaprently I didn't stress myself out enough completing Overlord. Man, I can't explain it, but there is just something about the sheer PRESENCE of a Mega-Pretender, all assembled and geared up. Armed to the teeth with accessories, and with a crazy amount of different modes. Two robots; a robot in a suit; a robot in a vehcicle; two vehicles, a super-vehicle! The bonkers creative ambition of this trio just radiates. Posing all three together on my desk made me beam like a little kid. And can we take a moment to bask in the awesome face scupting of Pretender shells!?
11. THF Sonic Wave Remember what I said about how I should not support knockoffs of official product? YOU try finding a real MP Soundwave without having to take out a bank loan! I don’t know if the build and materials are comparable to the real deal, but THF succeeded in making him look amazing in stellar dark blue and dazzling chrome. Had to sand a lot of plastic to make his transformation enjoyable, but there was a good toy underneath the bumps. And despite several KO Soundwaves floating around, I went for this one specifically because of the very smart decisions to give him a red instead of yellow visor, and to include a butt-flap to fill the gap in tape deck mode. Takara, why didn’t you do this?
10. Kingdom Cyclonus There is almost nothing negative to say about this toy besides some minor gaps in spaceship mode. Otherwise, he’s gorgeous all over. A sleek space jet, delightful to hold and swoosh around, becomes a robot mode with such excellent proportions, I sometimes forget this was a Kingdom release and not Studio Series 86. Buttery smooth joints help the transformation achieve almost-smug levels of ‘We’re still better at this than any 3P company’. I still cannot believe it whenever I scrunch the nosecone down into the torso. And while I don’t know how the hell Cyclonus can make lilac purple and bunny ears so intimidating, he’s never done it better than this.
09. Mech Fans Huge Dragon I’ve always wanted an Omega Supreme, but the G1 is too much of a jigsaw puzzle and the Titan class ones (both 3P and HasTak) are too stonking big. Mech Fans to the rescue! A Legends-scale Omeggy means he's a bit taller than a current Leader class. Perfectly playable. And the design is streamlined to minimal partsforming. This is the toy I wished the G1 was as a kid. A fun, cool playset with incredibly solid plastic, superb ratchet joints, a wee li’l tank to doot-de-doo, plus a robot mode who looks like he’s lost a lot of weight from hitting the gym. Check out the poseability too! A waist swivel! Ankle rockers!!
08. Master Made Demolisher Up to this point, Master Made has mostly made SD versions of giant 'bots, plus the occasional bust and action figure. Not a lot of complex transformations going on. Then suddenly they come up with a whole six-man combiner team, and they knock it out of the park. These cutesy Constructicons make red cartoon hearts come out of my head. All seven headsculpts perfectly walk the line between cute and badass (Mixmaster's my favorite!). There's so much articulation here, every robot mode feels like it's about to come to life. And the joints, tabs, and connections are SO solid all over! For their first gestalt, MM did a remarkable job. IMO, Demolisher edges out Fans Toys Spindrift v2 for best-built 3P figure of the year.
07. Studio Series Dino Like with Dead end, part of the appeal here is that it’s a cool guy who turns into a cool car. More than that though, Dino is the easiest to transform Studio Series figure I own. And it’s not a simple figure either! There’s a lot of internal inverting and backpack origami. They even manage weapon storage with those dual pizza slicer bat'leths he has. Yet while so many other SS figures are fragile or fiddly, Dino’s joints and tabs hit that goldilocks zone. It’s a handsome little car, it glides into a distinctive robot, and the micro-detailing (especially on the face) as as impressive as we've dome to expect from this line. Nice.
06. DX9 Hulkie As great of a Devastator Master Made’s was, I finally got my hands on DX9’s this year and it captures my heart even more. These six stumpy, boxy goons are fun to play with for a lot of the same reasons Landcross is: indestructible plastic, simple but clever transformations, and 'small = cute'. The star is the combined mode. A surprisingly lanky but dynamic ass-kicker with a face made for malevolent grunting. It'd be years before Ocular Max pulled off their own All Built In combiner, but DX9 did it years earlier. The crane-into-chestpiece is one of the most genius transformation steps I've ever seen. And the cherry on the sundae is that the rack holding all their robot mode guns also fits in his mitts as a freakin' I-beam! What a perfect weapon for a construction giant to whack Autobots with!
  1. Studio Series 86 Hot Rod / Takara Legends Hot Rod & Firebolt / Mech Fans Flame Walker I bought three Hot Rods this year, and they're all freakin' splendid so they'll all share the spot. Studio Series' Roddy has a perfect face and proportions, and a streamlined transformation that puts FansToys' Hoodlum to shame. It still blows my mind his helmet has that teensy visor inside it! Plus, his existence made the earlier Legends Hot Rod suddenly affordable. If that had the perfect robot mode, Legends is a better-than-perfect car mode. Not screen-accurate, but droolworthy regardless. So much better colors than the Titans Return! Lastly, Mech Fans decided that someone had to finally do that car mode perfect. It's mind-boggling that a toy this tiny accomplishes what so many other Hot Rods have fallen short on. (Holds together better than MP Rodimus; a backpack half as big as Papa Toys; better chest than MP Hot Rod) I was scared to transform him at first, because he's little even for a Legends, but he's so far withstood many transformations with no breakages or paint chipping. A real gem.
04. Kingdom Rattrap Awwwww, the widdle ratty!!! He's so damn cute! Little pink nose! Little rodent paws! It's amazing how much this guy improves on the proportions of both modes compared to the original Beast Wars toy. The backpack's a quarter of the size. The legs pretzelfold brilliantly. The head is perfectly sculpted and painted. (Plus bonus robot fist rat balls.) Of all the Kingdom toys, this is the one I keep taking out and playing with.
03. Cyberverse Tiny Turbo Changers Alpha Strike It's become an annual tradition: every year some tiny cheapie doodad makes the list. And so far, none have been higher up than this sublime little cheddar cheese Strika. Not only a charming chibi version of the character, the alt mode looks passably like a tank too. Joints are firm and snug and fun. Best of all, she is inexplicably huger than any other Tiny Turbo Changer. Like, twice as big. So she's small, but still an impressive chunkster that looms over all the others.
  1. G1 Skystalker / G1 Fireshot & Vanquish This was one of those mythical G1 toys I saw in stores as a kid and thought for certain I'd never own. I got lucky finding a cheap one on eBay with a broken wing and missing parts, and I nursed it back to health with a lot of modding and reprolabels. I'm stunned by how damn pretty the space shuttle is. Such a great heft for swooshing around too. And IMO, this is the best baseformer ever made. The transformation is so surprising; everything mobius strips into this mile-long corridor of guns and platforms. Around the same time, I bought the best Micromaster combiner, Fireshot and Vanquish, who become the adorablest SR-1 Blackbird the mind can comprehend. (The microscopic gold paint details on the windows!!!) They work so perfectly as pilots in the shuttle's two cockpits, I can't think of these guys as anything but a complete unit. BTW, Skystalker himself is a pleasing Creamsicle Porsche. He can ride in the back while the other two chauffeur him around. Endless fun!
01. Mech Fans Fire Rescue__scaled_800.jpg)
This is a surprising #1 choice. I actually put all my year’s gets in a bracket ranker this time, and this wee fire engine emerged the winner. Without me really realizing it, he’d become my favorite toy of the year. Why though? It's a stolen design from Magic Square, and I’d had that toy on the list two years ago. Mech Fans just... made everything better. Bigger size, firmer plastic, cleaner colors, tampos instead of stickers, a dead-on headsculpt, and a much-needed injection of sky-blue. A big part of Artfire’s appeal is his color scheme, and this toy gets it perfect. Fire Rescue looks as good as the Masterpiece, but at a scale and simplicity I can carry in my pocket. And the transformation is fun Every Single Time. What more could you want? Top Five Not Actually Transformers
  1. Plex Kamen Rider Kiva Garulu Sabre
  2. Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kiramaizin with Mashin Roland & Mashin Lifton
  3. Engine Sentai GoOnger Go-Roader
  4. 52 Toys BeastBox Firmhand
1. Flashman Titan Boy Top Eight Bots I Re-Bought And Am Glad To Have Back In The Collection
  1. G1 Sparkstalker
  2. G2 Windbreaker
  3. ROTF Battle Ops Bumblebee
  4. G. I. Joe Tank Car
  5. MakeToys Mixer
  6. G2 Rapido
  7. G1 Joyride
1. MakeToys Downbeat V2 Top Ten Bots Repaired/Replaced/Completed
  1. RID Slapper [blue chrome back leg]
  2. G1 Rodimus Prime [3D printed yellow fin & reprolabels]
  3. G1 Squeezeplay [tail weapon]
  4. G1 Bruticus [combiner kibble]
  5. G1 Abominus [Sinnertwin & combiner kibble]
  6. Beast Wars Bantor [left forepaw]
  7. G1 Galvatron [3D printed orange barrel and cannon adapter]
  8. G1 Chromedome [replaced/kitbashed original body & reprolabels]
  9. G1 Computron [combiner kibble & reprolabels]
  10. G1 Fangry [Brisko!]
I found Fangry for three dollars at a resale shop years ago. One of those places that throws random toys together in clear plastic bags? I’d been using the Titans Return head on him. But oh my god, there is such a difference when you ‘KLONK’ the real deal Headmaster into place and see the SPDSTRINT pop up. Maybe next year I’ll finally buy his wings!
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2022.01.20 05:38 ImMeUrYouDude Why isn't anyone talking about Left4Dead or Back4Blood on the sd? Where's the hype?? Will it run???

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Is there any traditional Chinese medicines that can cure helicobacter pylori infection?
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